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NO WAY!! Get out, Moslems!

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CANADA: Outrage over proposed MUSLIM-ONLY condo complex in a primarily Jewish neighborhood

Residents of a Thornhill community are speaking out over a proposal to construct two Muslim low-income residential highrise buildings in a low-density neighborhood. The proposed condos would be built at the Jaffari Community Centre, at 9000 Bathurst Street next door to Ner Israel Yeshivah, in the Thornhill Woods Community, and would contain 377 units.


JDL  TORONTO, ONTARIO — (Marketwire – Nov. 8, 2012) — Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) — the organization which lodged the complaint with police in May 2012, is pleased to learn the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto (ISIJ) — tied to the Jaffari Center in Thornhill, Ontario, and the Toronto East End Madrassah have been put on notice by the York Region Police (YRP) that the antisemitic hate contained in their school curriculum is not acceptable, and reassured by a YRP report suggesting Canadians must examine our level of tolerance for allowing such offensive ideology, that is in conflict with our country’s core values, to be taught to our children.
Is that statue giving the town the middle finger?
Is that statue giving the town the middle finger?
Although criminal charges are not being laid in this instance, the YRP Report makes it clear that further promotion of antisemitic material, resulting in a cumulative effect of hate propaganda, may lead to a different outcome:
“The antisemitic hate contained in the curriculum of Toronto’s East End Madrassah was blatant; it is frightening to learn that this revolting content, including a topic on “The End of Jewish Plots and Treacheries,” is being taught to young children; their minds are being poisoned and I cannot imagine how these youngsters will one day become grown ups capable of functioning as tolerant and respectful adults in a multicultural society,” explained Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. “Although criminal charges are not being laid in this case, I think it is incumbent upon the Toronto District School Board, and indeed all Boards of Education who lease their property to private schools, to investigate the content being taught on their premises to ensure an incident of this nature does not happen again.”
“What I don’t understand is where the odious comparison of Jews to Nazis fits into the history books of these organizations,” says Mr. Benlolo. “If they are truly relying on ancient texts, what is the justification for referencing Nazism other than as a form of Holocaust revisionism?”
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Toronto: Pro-Khomeni mosque plans to build ‘Muslim Only’ condo towers in lowrise neighbourhood

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Toronto: Pro-Khomeni mosque plans to build ‘Muslim Only’ condo towers in lowrise neighbourhood

I understand these Muslim supremacists are planning this in a Jewish neighborhood, of course.
The more the West caves to Islamic supremacism, the more brazen and bullying the demands.
If these Muslims want Muslim residents only, why don’t they stay in their control-ridden native lands, where most non-Muslims have been oppressed, subjugated or ethnically cleansed? Because they want to impose that savage supremacism here.
“Community backlash builds over a Thornhill development,” City News, February 4, 2014 (thanks to Tarek Fatah) 
Residents of a Thornhill community are speaking out over a proposal to construct two residential highrise buildings in a low-density neighbourhood.
The proposed condos would be built at the Jaffari Community Centre, at 9000 Bathurst Street, and would contain 377 units.
Residents who live in the Thornhill Woods neighbourhood, located right beside the community centre, say they don’t want the area to become overcrowded.
The Jaffari Centre has submitted a proposal to turn its 30-acre property into a high-density Muslim community which would include the highrise buildings as well as 61 townhouses.
Residents opposed to the plan have started an online petition which had garnered over 2,500 signatures by Monday evening.
Shabbir Jeraj, president of the Jaffari Centre, told CityNews this kind of expansion is going on everywhere in the area.
“As far as we are concerned this is very consistent with all the development that’s going on around us, especially north of Rutherford and Bathurst,” he said.
Neighbourhood residents say they are also concerned because some of the proposed housing will be subsidized, which they believe may decrease their property value.
A meeting has been set up on Tuesday for community members to express their concerns over the development.

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  1. Daniel Moshe Johnson writes:
    When it comes to real estate and the prospect of Arab Canadian welfare recipients in towers garbed out in the latest Iranian fashion with the smell of cheap Iraqi cologne neighboring Jewish Thornhill homes, they finally wake up.

    For years, I have stood close by and watch, as Meir Weinstein gives 100% to the cause of Jews, Israeli Jews and Arabs, who represent the only Arabs in the entire Middle East experiencing true freedom.
    Meir Weinstein has devoted his life to this cause and the JDL as a whole are a great group of loving human beings, whom contrary to social myths, are law abiding, business endeavored and very up to date on world affairs, their membership crosses religious and racial lines, all aware and in love with Zion and Israel.

    My question, is where was the Jewish community when Weinstein put on a vigil for the Fogel family, who lost small children, killed on Jewish settlements by Arab Palestinian's, where were you, because I seen him cry for them, where were you Jewish community, when major media networks public anti Jewish and anti Israeli propaganda in their press, and old Meir Weinstein invites you to support him by protesting the network, where were you, when Jewish activist Pamela Gellar was bullied along with Chabad Rabbi Of Flamingo were bullied by York Region Chief of Police in a Halacha matter, they both were bullied by a Goyim cop, anti semitic in this approach. Where were you for this, where were you when the JDL protested Queens Park on Jerusalem Day against 2300 Arabs Canadians who chanted death to Canada, Israel and Harper, where were you scholars and professors.
    Where were you when G20 antagonist swarmed the Zionist Centre on Mar Lee chanting death to Israel and Zionist.
    Where were you, when the JDL went to city hall with many Jewish organizations and condemned the anti Israeli propaganda that took place at Pride parade. Where were you when research and investigation by the JDL helped track down and stop Canadian Arab charities from funneling money to support terror groups in Gaza and other places, the JDL assisted the government to get it stopped.

    Where are you when Meir Weinstein stands out on the cold for your rights and the rights of all Jews and Christians and moderate Arabs who he knows are victims of intimidation hidden and monitored by Muslim Brotherhood assets here on Canada.

    United we can only stand and be successful, when will the time come when CIJA, Bnai Brit, JDL and UJA are one unit, like this, we would have all bases covered, maybe now is that time to huddle.
    I'm a former pro athlete, and I compare life scenarios with sports analogies often, and what I gather, is that we are in the 4th and final quarter before the big games begin, the opponent is undying in his principal ideology and strategies, the moment they sense divisions, they we seize the open opportunity.
    This development is an example of that, logistics, strategic planning are rare, when one possess it, then we must support him to ensure our team wins, especially when the opponent has us outnumbered, we must put aside political views, Adonia Ehad at the end of the day.

    So I hope that this Wi bring all the Jewish power brokers together to confront radical Islam, as it seeks to devalue your values, real estate and community.
    Good Shabos
    Daniel Moshe Johnson
    Join JDL

    1. Daniel, I can never top your comment... I'm in awe and well said. This was the focal point on my program Friday.

      And, I also discussed the Fogel Family (through tears...)

      Please, stay in touch ~ Kel Fritzi