Monday, February 17, 2014

Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqqiyya Artist

I imagine Fiyaz Mughal wished he stayed off Twitter that day...

A special Thank you to Mike Holt of Restore Australia for this:

Fiyaz Mughal the Fool

The Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief at Tell Mama UK, Fiyaz Mughal, receives £214,000 a year from the Government to monitor anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. That is £214,000 of British Taxpayer’s money to assuage the hurt feelings of muslims in (formerly) Great Britain!
Fiyaz Mughal -- Sticks and stones you fool!
Fiyaz Mughal — Sticks and stones you fool!
It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? But this sponger makes a living out of trying to spread public relations gold over the cesspool of islam. If islam was not in the UK morons like Mughal would not be getting rich off the back of the British taxpayer. Nor would he be standing on his two hind legs to bleat about an insult that called him such terrible names as mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiyya-artist, and a lying muslim scumbag.
Poor Fiyaz couldn’t stand such a grievous denigration of his pompous arse, so he has charged Tim Burton  with “racially aggravated harassment”….whatever that means. It’s not against the law to call someone names in the UK….yet…., but if you can change the name to “racially aggravated harassment” it seems you can bring charges.
Well, Fiyaz, how does being called a lying, thieving piece of blood sucker on the benighted British tax payer scum bag sound?
Tim Burton abusing poor little muslims
Tim Burton abusing poor little muslims, protected by his trusty fierce dog. He’s safe. Muslims won’t go near a dog, but they will cut off the heads of innocent soldiers!
Ooooooh! That must have really hurt his ever so sensitive feelings!
But what else can you call someone who creates an organization to defend the indefensible?
How can anyone, except a muslim of course, try to defend the many attacks on peaceful Britains in their own land? A land that has been invaded by brown hordes of muslims fleeing from the countries that they and their nasty little religion islam have destroyed and turned into shit holes?
Who killed Lee Rigby?
Who blew up the London Underground?
Who has created muslim no-go areas throughout Britain?
Who is trying to enforce sharia law over our fabled British Westminster system?
Who is gradually whittling away at the freedoms of western societies all over the world to fulfill their crazy pedophile prophet’s commands to “kill the unbeliever” and “destroy the Jews”?
Only islam and its demented followers, fools like Fiyaz Mughal, would even attempt to defend the “religion of pieces”.
So, here is my advice to Fiyaz Mughal. If you don’t like us calling you names, suck it up! We don’t care what you think.
Go back to the countries you crawled out of and live there. If its so terrible there, go back and change it. The first thing you could do is stop believing in that crazy cult you call islam. It’s not a religion. It’s a hateful, murderous ideology. The fact that billions of people believe the rubbish Muhammed preached just goes to show that billions of people can be fooled into believing anything that promises them unlimited sexual gratification when they die.
Islam is so obviously centered on gratifying the carnal desires of muslim men that it’s laughable. What other religion promises 72 virgins in ‘heaven’? What other religion teaches men to treat women worse than any mangy dog? Only islam. But of course, muslims are incapable of gaining sexual gratification in this life. They are too afraid of women to ever satisfy one!
What woman would want to sleep with Fiyaz Mughal anyway? Look at him. He’s about as appealing as an electric eel in a kindergarten….only I would never let him near a kindergarten. Given the muslim propensity for playing with little children, urged on by their koran and the teachings of their pedophile Muhammed the “Profit”, there is no telling what Fiyaz would do in a kindergarten full of them!
So, Fiyaz Mughal, get out of the UK. You don’t belong there. Stop harassing true British patriots. You don’t deserve to scrape the dog shit off the soles of Tim Burton’s shoes! And shame on the British police and the British government for supporting islam over the wellbeing of British people/ Shame! Shame! Shame!
Oh, and Fiyaz Mughal, if you don’t like being called names, stop acting like an arsehole!

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