Friday, February 14, 2014

A message from Paul Weston

This missive is detrimental to you, pay heed, and ensure a legacy for yours.
The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” So said Enoch Powell a long time ago, when he predicted mass third world immigration would not only transform Britain from a cohesive and tolerant country, but would also bring with it “rivers of blood.”

We don’t yet have rivers of blood, but history tells us multicultural and multi racial nations can put up with only so much, after which a relatively small incident can lead to horrendous bloodshed and civil war.
A potential civil war based on religious and racial grounds IS a preventable evil, but in Britain today our mainstream politicians appear intent on promoting such an evil, rather than preventing it.
Britain and many European countries already suffer from small scale Islamic atrocities, be they acts of terrorism, the organised gang rape of English girls or simply organised groups of Muslims holding up placards stating “Islam will rule the world” or “behead those who insult Islam”. They are backed up by billions of petro-dollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They are backed up by the United Nations, where the 57 Muslim states which make up the Organsiation of Islamic Cooperation, which holds the most powerful bloc vote at the UN.
They are backed up the European Union, which is using mass immigration as a tool to dismantle the Nation States they wish to collectively rule over. They are backed up by our politicians, our media, our educational institutions and by the police – all of whom are terrified of telling the truth about Islam, which is that Islam is a supremacist ideology prepared to utilise violence and terror to achieve a global Caliphate. Islam is most certainly NOT a religion of peace.
In Britain, we have a terrible and growing problem. 40% of Muslims want sharia law, 33% think it is permissible to kill in the name of Islam, and we only have to look around the world today to see these are not idle threats. In Nigeria Muslims are killing Christians. In Sudan Muslims are killing Christians. In Egypt Muslims are killing Christians. In Syria Muslims are killing Christians. And not only Christians, we also see mass killing between Muslims because the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam refuse to live peacefully together.
Yet for reasons known only to themselves, our traitor class of politicians have deliberately imported into this small, Western, Christian country of England, Muslims in such huge numbers that we will see a Muslim majority amongst the young within only a few decades.
A child born today will only be 36 years old by 2050, but Britain in 2050 will be unrecognisable as the country I was born into. The native British as a demographic are old and declining. The Muslims are young and expanding and within just two generations we will see a comparable figure of Muslims and native British aged 25 and under. At this point I fully expect to see the type of violence we are currently reading about in the news every day.
Not one of our politicians will do anything about this. They are interested only in the current election cycle, not the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. They tell us Islam is a religion of peace. The Conservative David Cameron tells us the murder and beheading of Fusilier Lee Rigby was nothing to do with Islam, even though the killers were quoting the Koran as they wielded their butchers knives.
The Liberal Democrat’s Simon Hughes is on video stating he looks forward to the day we have a Muslim Prime Minister. The Labour Party deliberately imported these people because the majority of them live on welfare and therefore vote Labour.
UKIP is also mute on the long term threat of Islam, which is hardly surprising. Nigel Farage lives a very pleasant life. Standing up to Islam brings death threats and an undercover life, not something Mr Farage is prepared to do.
Liberty GB will do something about the Islamic threat, and I believe we are the only credible party in the country to take such a stand. We have been betrayed by our politicians across the entire political spectrum, be it for ideological reasons or just cowardice, and it is high time a political party came to the fore which actually put the interests of the native people before foreigners.
I would like to close by quoting from Alex Henshaw, who was a spitfire test pilot in WWII. Mr Henshaw died only a few years ago, but this is what he had to say about the country he fought for:
“I feel extreme emotional sadness for the young men I knew that gave their lives willingly for a cause in which we all believed. And I often say to myself that if those young boys would come down now and walk through the villages, through the towns and through the cities and look around and see what is happening to us, they would say somewhere along the line we have been betrayed.”

Yes, Mr Henshaw, you have been betrayed. And the traitor class of today’s politicians have not only betrayed your generation, but they are currently betraying tomorrow’s generation which will somehow have to cope with a Britain resembling Mogadishu rather than Surbiton.

Democracy and freedom are not the personal possessions of cowardly politicians to be handed away, without our agreement, to the descendants of a 7th century desert warlord, who view our attachment to democracy and peace as weaknesses to be used against us.

I do not blame Islam. Fundamentalist Muslims are just doing what it says in their book.
But I do blame our politicians. There are two sides in this civilisational stand-off, and our politicians have sided with the enemy.

You can make a difference. You can vote for Liberty GB in May’s EU elections. You can support us, join us or simply donate money to us. Liberty GB is a party that cares not just about today, but the country our children and grandchildren will inherit in decades to come.

Don’t let them have to fight for their very lives in 2050 because there was insufficient political will to peacefully deal with Islam today. Please vote Liberty GB. My name is Paul Weston. Thank You. (My honourable mention from George Whale)

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