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Rizwan Ul Haq – Promoting Islam to your children, possibly without your knowledge.

Get your kids out of public school...

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Yesterday this blog brought you a story which was quite worrying, about a school in Manchester which booked an Islamic artist onto the premises as a special educational event,but failed to inform parents about it, probably for fear of parental objections. As I’ve dug further into this case, and correspondents have provided me with further background information, I’ve found that this case is even murkier than it first looked. The nature of this particular artist’s work and his personal political views are a matter for grave concern. I’m convinced that if parents had had prior knowledge that this person would be in contact with their children, then quite rightly, they would have vehemently objected.
A correspondent to this blog going by the name of Didderdid, furnished me with links to the artist Rizwan Ul Haq’s Instagram and Twitter feeds. What I read there showed me just why the presence of this man in schools, teaching our children, should be objected to in a most vigorous manner.

Let’s first examine his Instagram page. On this page, Rizwan Ul Haq, using the screen name Islamic Artist, is photographed looking up at a building claimed to be Leeds Town Hall. On one of the comments to the Instagram image, Ul Haq expressed the view that he wants to ‘see the crescent flag’ of Islam fly above Leeds Town Hall. Now if that isn’t an expression of Islamic political supremacism then I don’t know what is. Here’s his comment from Instagram.

islamic_artistOne day the crescent will fly here INSH’ALLAH. But can’t see one right now 
Rizwan Ul Haq
Also, he describes himself on his blog as a ‘former headteacher and local authority advisor’. A question for parents: Do you really want someone who believes that the racist, aggressive, misogynist, intolerant and backward ideology of Islam should be running somewhere like Leeds, teaching your children and helping them to form their views? I certainly would not want this man anywhere near my child. His views appear to be poison. His attitudes are not that of a pure artist who has developed an enthusiasm for Arabic calligraphy, as many have, but instead are those of an Islam-promoter. He is a Dawa merchant, or Islamic evangelist and I can well see why parents could have had an objection to this person teaching their children.
Sadly, it is not just at St Mark’s in Manchester that this man has been allowed in contact with children. Among the entries on Ul Haq‘s Twitter feed were a list of the areas where he had been allowed to brainwash children. Schools nationwide have allowed this Dawa merchant to influence children. According to Ul Haq, he has travelled across the UK brainwashing teaching children about Islam and Islamic art. Most of his work appears to consist of getting children and young people to incorporate the Arabic words ‘Allah’ and ‘Salaam’ and passages from the Koran into Islam inspired artwork. Now I’m all in favour of exposing children to different forms of art and art from different cultures, but it is plain to see from Ul Haq‘s public communications, that he is not a person with a dispassionate interest in Islamic art, he is an Islam promoter.
So far he has been paid, either by taxpayer funded education authorities or by money strong-armed from parents, in the following places:
Salford, Herefordshire, Somerset, Devon, Liverpool, Tameside, Cheshire, Bournemouth, Cumbria, London, Lincolnshire and Dorset. Scarily, this is not an complete list, and it is only those locations where I can definitely pin him down to being employed by a school and given contact with children and young people.
I wonder how many of these schools did what St Mark’s in Worsley, Manchester did when Ul Haq visited, which was to keep quiet about Mr Ul Haq and his work and views? Is this failure to inform parents about Islamic visitors like this to schools, confined to the senior management team of St Mark’s school, or is it more widespread?
Speaking of Mr Ul Haq‘s views, some of them will give non-Muslims considerable cause for concern. On his Twitter time-line, Ul Haq, decries the idea of modernity and appears to call for an ‘Ummah Spring. For those who do not know the ‘Ummah’ is the name given to the world collective of Islamic believers and in this comment Ul Haq appears to desire a worldwide rising of the followers of Islam. This is definitely not a person who should be influencing children.
See this Tweet
The Rose is hidden in the bud of the Ummah Spring not Arab Spring. For the forgotten children of Khyber… 
That’s not all, he appears to have a strong belief in the metaphysical Islamic creatures called Jinn, which can take the form of different creatures or have no form at all. Now it is everyone’s right to believe in whatever mystical being they so choose, but should someone who has a strong belief in such things be allowed to impart them to children without parental consent? He is opposed to the reforms of Education Secretary Michael Gove, probably because he appears to be doing very well out of the current, broken educational system.
As if the disparagement of modernity, the belief in Jinn and the promotion of Islam to our children was not enough, he has also promoted, by re-tweeting, several communications from the virulently anti-Semitic Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the United Kingdom (MPACUK). MPACUK do, as you see below, a very passable imitation of being ‘moderate’ but they are not, and have run a ‘don’t vote for the Jew’ campaign in one Parliamentary election and are supporters of the increasingly loopy MP Stephen Timms, the man this blog has referred to as ‘The Member for Islamabad West’
Here’s the retweets that Ul Haq made from MPACUK statements on Twitter, although there is nothing objectionable about the content of these particular tweets, the group publishing them is decidedly iffy.
 So there you have it. Rizwan Ul Haq is an Islam promoter, an evangelist for a religion started by a 7th century paedophile, someone who dislikes modernity and all that it brings, who believes in angels and devils having influence in people’s lives, who wants to see the flag of Islam flying over our town halls, who doesn’t want to see Britain’s education system reformed and improved. Is it any wonder that St Mark’s in Manchester and possibly many other places, hid from parents, who this man is, what he believes and what he is teaching our children?
Parents in Britain should wake up and check what their offspring are being force-fed in our schools. I would certainly counsel them to protest to their children’s head teachers if Ul Haq, or those like him, been allowed into their school. It is imperative that parents with school-age children take a closer interest in who is being allowed contact with them.
Although there is zero evidence to suggest that this man is dodgy in other more darker ways, and I in no way suggest or imply that Mr Ul Haq is behaving in a criminal manner, Rizwan Ul Haq is messing with the minds of vulnerable children just as surely as Jimmy Savile messed with the bodies of vulnerable children. You wouldn’t want a paedophile influencing your child into taking part in illegal and damaging sexual activity, so why should people like Ul Haq be allowed to ‘groom’ children into believing that Islam is fluffy and peaceful when it plainly is not? Those who hold views such as Ul Haq’s have no place telling lies about Islam to our children.
If you see that this man is going to be invited to your child’s school, then complain to the school, remove your child from the lesson, and kick up as much fuss as you can.
I would not want this man filling my child’s head with pro-Islam propaganda and this may well be a view shared by many others.

Rizwan Ul Haq‘s Twitter Feed
Rizwan Ul Haq‘s Instagram page showing the man’s desire to see the flag of Islam fly over Leeds Town Hall
Rizwan Ul Haq‘s blog
Story from 23/01/2014 re St Mark’s school in Manchester failing to inform parents of Ul Haq‘s visit to the school
Stephen Timms MP, the Member for Islamabad West
I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Didderdid for passing onto me these links that made this article possible.  

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